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09:30 Welcome from Commodities People
09:35 Welcome from the chairperson

Keynote addresses

2020 – A pivotal year for commodities and risk management

  • Towards a real deglobalisation of the markets?
  • Global climate change wake-up call: What will it change this year?
  • How the rise of new technologies is shaping up the way we do trading, and risk management

Editorial – What if water was the new commodity?

  Federica Strumia-Michelini, Head of Risk and Control, Neste
10:45 Morning Break


The macroeconomic context for commodity trading- Understanding the bigger picture to better manage risks

  • General economic recession: Will it last? What consequences do we see?
  • Trade wars and popular uprising: Is this trend here to stay?
  • Low interest rates: What if it rises again?
  • How will this influence your approach to risk management?

Lukasz Bielak,Head of Financial and Market Risk, KGHM

Panel discussion
What it means to be a risk professional in such a transitional period
  • What are the new risks emerging as a result of deglobalisation? How can they be monitored and mitigated?
  • What impact has digitalisation on your day-to-day job? What steps are you taking, as a company and as a risk expert, to embrace thedigital revolution? How to limit the increase of operational risk associated to this trend?
  • Climate change and risks: Where are you?
  • ESG criteria: How are you incorporating it in your risk management strategy?
  • Looking at all the risks in a holistic way
Craig MacDougall, Chief Risk Officer, Kimura Capital
Kim Benni, Head of Risk, Alvean (Cargill & Copersucar JV)
12:30 Lunch break
  Trade lifecycle risks Operational and emerging risks
13:45 Welcome from the chairperson Welcome from the chairperson


Changing tariffs: How to best manage the operational, financial and
contractual impact


Climate risk – Is it a new financial risk?

Tariff changes have been the instrument of the deglobalisation for
some time now. How can your business adapt to this consistent
inconsistence? A few tips here on how to best manage this
geopolitical risk, on the verge of becoming a ‘normal’ market risk
  • What is under the umbrella term of Climate risk?
  • How to quantify climate risk: What tools do you need to
  • quantify climate risk? What parameters do you look at?
  • Looking at the direct and indirect impacts of climate risks
  • Insurance: Where they can help
Jagdish Parihar, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Olam
Moving from the classic models to VaR 2.0
[ 14.25] Presentation
Cybersecurity risk: Not just a matter of security of your data
VaR calculation is currently based on classic literature. But now new
models emerge, including machine learning-based methods, where
models learn from models. How do you manage the transition? How
do you avoid the calculation becoming a black box?
With the development of digital solutions, there must be an
improvement in data security tools. What are the risks in that area?
What are the available solutions? How to recover from a breach
(financially and reputationally)? All three questions will be looked at
in this session

Afternoon break

Pre-arranged meetings

Making stress testing a crucial part of your risk management routine
Technology obsolescence risk: Why that should be on your watch
  • Increased regulators scrutiny – Why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of stress-testing capabilities
  • Practicing stress testing beyond the standard price shocks scenario – What else can you test? How often should you run testing?
  • Documenting your stress testing activities
  • How often do you need to renew your systems?
  • Technology is changing fast, how do you adapt?
  • What are the risks of not upgrading?
  • Is changing system always the best solution? Learning how to do more with your current systems too
Irfana Malik, Group Risk Officer, Klesch Group
Case study
Enterprise risk management and risk appetite
[16.20] Case study
Implementation story
In this case study the presenter will walk the audience through how
in his company they developed and implemented a robust risk
monitoring and reporting framework across several dozens of risk events, risk types, business units and geographies over the last 3 years
Deven Chitaliya, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Credit, Olam
Panel discussion
Spotlight on hedging best practices
[16.35] Panel discussion
Managing physical risks along the supply chain
Aligning risk management strategy and hedge strategy with financialobjectives
David Modol-Flix, Director, Commodity Risk Management Expert
Mickael Soussant, Senior Market Risk Manager, ADM ISI
  • Keeping track of your cargos
  • Weather: What are the tools to forecast?
17:25 Closing comments from the chairperson Closing comments from the chairperson
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